Wednesday, February 25, 2009

liberty cap

firm identity, too late to
act, actual wooden object,
biomania, good book bad book,
the return was there, dig out
the book, how real does it
need to be, magic hand,
removed for use, get your
box on, generate anull,
cog and recog, read before
you can’t, dance your do,
light air text, take up a
page, chunk out another
slab, love unit, coyote
university, all the same
person, how can this be read,
local load, bend at will,

herbertus aduncas, hewlett,
iste, bryophilia, botano-phile,
evernew mosses and sward,
king moss otomo, moss used as
bumwipe, paleoscatology,
still smells good, carmanah,
liberty cap, zero post, days-
laughter, dear jill, grease
toner, retournez l’emballage,
forty-six plus one, milk cash,
tuesday at seven, a less
ordinary walk, a tiny bit
of the margin of the picture,
can poetics make a diff?,
cosmic year, paper trance,
stell’-êr, screen printing,

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