Wednesday, February 11, 2009


infrathink, total love bone policy,
hate this piece of paper, are we playing
or working, remember flying that
kite, what do your letters stand for,
there will be no rebirth, when you
were both present, mere copy, maxflo,
paum zaum taum, let beauty go,
free yourself of the page, aduellation,
could be donaza, material for
forward, something was done, put
pixel, which came first, if you could
have this time back, nobody is not
worthy, paying off in copies, can
we get a bit of annotation here,
look into the chaos, you want
slogans, you get most of the picture,
breathe yourself to death,
memorize nothing, perpetual
acid, who let the actual in,
what were you hoping, exhat, how
do you rate my response, people
that bring a smile to your face,
still hat, everything it is
possible, risk a, sailmail,
everybody is doing their thing,
what all did we have to send,
the call or the response, enter
another, marching towards
replication, simulated info,
isn’t hat, there is nothing on the
other sid, a lot of lonely
work, total love body pleasure,
arbitrary number one,

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