Friday, February 13, 2009

the law of the claw

begin with others, begin at sundown,
three months of misery, blog ‘em all,
guard the van, worthy of light, copied
dew, esthonia, shoes and hat-boxes,
the bare blank shudders, choking
eyes, wiglomeration, penny cards,
observationism, a cluster of
wretched hovels, one-and-a-penny-
halfpenny, the economics of
abundance, the blues clues of
reality, low-content buzz, ban
the insanity of force, i vote for
kurt, a catalyzed nuclear
reaction, marmart, shanty clusters,
dorgi, caw fee, mir¢, you throw
the pennies, citrons oranges, cung,
metropolised, hat in the wet,
the concrete side, a bull-roarer,
change by means of blood, water
telescope, sympathetic magic,
hydraulic theory of violence,
a hunter employing all craft,
jus talionis, in all its
concrete reality, zebu, you
ain’t seen nothin’ yet, new year’s
evil, copy is zero original is one,
now the original is zero too,
new years evil day, lay the
disaster to rest, paper
completely covered in toner,

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