Friday, February 27, 2009

beg for money to do art

nonacademic literature, grid
road, two different colours
of gray, silence-ism, surprise
attack party, trance meter,
liquor trance, make a big
mistake, beg for money to
do art, a bend downhill,
the writer of the note, yes
yes mrk!, surpress, how we
lost touch, on first meeting,
mere colour, now you know
what art is, art over there,
veneer re-enervation, and
the difference, you bot,
write a word on it, foff,
changed the message,

mud-stained literature, fly
staple with paper airplane,
letterburst mandala, minutes
conflict, turn lead into lead,
double original, the material
beyond the line is real too,
a line has been drawn, typing
is still writing, build your
own chapbook, the blank is
the best, do you recognize the
face, never keep the original,
too high the pie, fooled by a
copy, fooled by an original,
gob of snot, zero matter,
rampike signs, colour so rare,
misfile this, naked bytes,

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