Tuesday, February 17, 2009

cat my dogs

double you and an em, the
self in, dot represent, the
final return, the hard core
of existentialism, driving
thru fire, timeless text,
whole truths and empty,
age lock, are you reading
all this, canadian all too
canadian, tiospaye, earth
writing nation, yellowcake,
glossy rustic, un-pays,
women nemo, auto-interior,
dot rep, the final load of
books, thcoe, thrufire,
timefull text, nil truths,
location year, read out,

katmai, a law of death, into
the sugar grove, outliers,
nunataks, jordanons, bedrock
is in motion, delete record,
south sask, is number is,
alphabet eyes, if room
expand, no dot, rust flow,
trance fix, hand order,
sign down, not in the
picture, spatial pattern
analysis, the mail stop,
aggressive dogs or gods,
needle stick, a paper
slip, tree ear, horus eye,
dayglo whale, psychle,
nows, ňŏŵ, ordinal, demark,

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