Thursday, February 12, 2009

upload didn't work

the ping pong club, dear isabell,
mac gueen, you can in france, the
flight of the image, porcelain
milk, these are made for, tsssshp,
omem w, egg light, tlaloc sheet,
men who raise babies, the gone
show, volume volume volume, the
distance is we travel, federons,
conquer the continent of north
america, the lord’s prayer raised
on a rollered penny, knuckle
bomb, uproached, kyros, fold penny,
penny trampoline, trottoir,
pagoda shag carpet, electronic
cesta to hurl, disco moccasin,
untrafficked roads, geography
locomotive, bright orange layer
cut, concrete smoke, happy the
critics were ecstatic, nebraska
dead bolt, metot nilats ognat,
solar currency, said pais,
research clusters, the landscape
is blank, counterfactuals, imp
posts, secceshes, stovepipe hat,
disunionists, columned in
clusters, collective honor
as expediently,

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