Monday, February 09, 2009


eliminate another day, toner network,
sieze the blank, let’s get this fall
over with, learning meditation, the
copy is less legible, being’s eye,
how about zero copies, fifty days
from now, we are staring at a wall,
you are making alterations, turn
it into an ell, turn it from an ell
into, saint paper, more than fifty
days fron, editman, the original
is not so heavy handed, colour
eliminator, being plus, legible
copies, fluxus eye, smear the
letters, we are really losing
everything, what does it take
to get a little recognition,
meditate on head, thru the
subdimensional hole, learning
the inside of, contains force,
let us one, nowad, falling blank,
break thoughts, all torange,
aren’t these boys a little young
to be boxing, head designed
for hitting, forget fighting,
banglamung, try to retard the
rate of fall, fruit loonies,
turn up something new, time will,
bilocation, weetigo, sang and
changed nothing, hymen
restoration, the pole of
inaccessibility, jjimjilbang,
blowmolding, camel-sparrow,
meanwhile trance, capgras
delusion, aliya, iceland spar,
dosais, clonazepam, hadith,
liwat, entonces, parasomnias,

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