Monday, February 23, 2009

"cough nothing" & " nothing goes thru"

eating time, zine product,
getting the word out, unshine,
gfc, modèle, who we was, rueda,
trance off kilk, red and blk
lulu, photofilm, if babes,
centrac, buy another book,
colour pink, total honey,
how we used to spend our
money, still reading can,
long missed events, cough
nothing, any old books, dot
dash dot com, coke en stock,
the toner talking, prairie
line, design design design,
halfheard, this is still,

tissue text, fake hope, sandworms,
our national sport: bare-knuckle,
direct reference, writing acc,
booger milk, nopen, centesima,
blanke hoofdras, big hat poem,
eye doubt, nothing goes thru,
a list of q’s, presource, incer,
high wiring, ink glance, take
the words away, chaos ciao,
hat parade, the floor of the
mailroom, trance away, ashlar,
logistics cargo, standard
symbols, vispo in advertizing,
self-lettering, circa
select, adultulation, eye
got no memory, lingerage,

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