Friday, February 06, 2009

dark data

you need to find your eye, jmail,
you are over the edge here, cookies
made of bread, the deuce of spades,
i’ve been everywhere man, cows are fed
beer, fuar-fuar, nothing had
interrupted its flow, neveritch,
twerm periodetc, cid the cloaker,
spurt pubic, polishing iuds, the
hands that wield the needles,
profiters from misery, plain
text irreality, labio dripping,
clan the hatter flew, warming
centres, picobiliphytes, poème
birmane, dado, zedi, paya, seinbu,
pipeclaying, cyclothymia, nothing
particular, clustering close, a
closed time loop, the law is the
boy for me, jog-trotty, concrete
evidence, the bufonidae network,
argotism, non-expository, anti-
expository, non-voice-centered
paradigms, a chordal poetics,
ars de faire, the blank spaces
in between, a negative economy,
the poetry polis, class hierarchy
create and extend, cyclo
drivers, no visible means of
support, pentacosiomedimnoi,
zeugitai, lex aquilia,

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