Saturday, February 14, 2009


leuchttürme, no reality but in
details, i’m not allowed to enter
your city, graphic window, it’s
got your name on it twice, noise
toys, ab levy kokuho, per second
per second per second, bright
yellow bookmark, gib stoff,
furor scribendi, pain-monger, the
carnose horologe of the ego,
turkey: waiting for the axe to
fall, cash money registered
trademark, back when the stamps
were only, a job working with your
hands, didn’t we already kill this
day, too hot to fill out a form,
who you present yourself to be, of
course it’s clean: abstract, a till
like that, what reality are you
trying to hold on to, poet turned
artist, tı, think beast, fear of
communication, witholding sex,
witholding affection, betrayal
at the hands, i am totally
screwed therefore i exist,
feedback resonances, network
effects, zaibatsus, warfare
among corporations, willingly
embraces the catastrophe his
life has become, just waiting
to be killed, the last delta-t,
not a genius but a crackpot,
the disconnected one, eyelines,
fatalistic blankness,

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