Sunday, February 08, 2009

mouth honour

the seven of hearts, horsepower
sauce, aitch is for pee sauce, go
away from the university, you
are crazy when nobody is looking,
rapid dissolution, yurt, pork
soup, slel, the wrong time to be
ticking, saturn returns, hedge-
fetish, glycaemic boot, greaves,
mine player, pee-pull, hat tunner,
fighting over pennies, horsemen in
his entourage carelessly, walls
are clustered with paintings, the
whispers of the postal clerk,
collective honor is expedient,
orange butterfly, honor-magic,
mouth honor, i am a bale of hay,
a photo of boredom, run thru
these texts again, remember
when the toner was fresh, the
truth will kill you, platypus
for lunch, raksasas, almost
as bright as reality: brighter!,

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