Sunday, February 08, 2009

test nothing

who designed this, put an ex thru another
day, wonderful text, do you see where
this text is going, become self, a
representation of a vagina, only one
time we ever shaved, all texts are
heading, orange globe, orange day,
test nothing, a little blacker than
the original, the heart remains, edm
no four, might come out white, might
come out black, the day has been
bleeding away but, how can you refer
to a moment ten years ago so casually,
orange together, global revolution,
a dozen times copied becomes an
original, eek a bare naked lady,
just let it grow, how many of these
rubberstamps can there be, butcher
your self, set free your garbage,
wonderful eat, june loaf, text
rispie, writing six, pour crazy, called
zero, maybe we need an ftp site,
is your head still above water,
do i look like i can afford it,
opon, mop mat pen, when is a beer
not a beer, still to blog, cogdis,
the cost of escaping history,
alligator pears, quillaia extract,
saponin, hand-in-hand with
movable type, the livelihood project,
chemtrails, control human
experimentation, bail-posting
relatives, a mossy river mouth,
maybe take in a flick, how can
one day be so rich and the other
so empty, reco, coluber, the exact
same text on yellow paper, your
connection to the world, kno,
please cut off the gas, put the
grease into a can, chopped up
self, examine the map territory,

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