Monday, February 09, 2009

coffee genius

café-genius, poetical economy, do i have
to complete this form, this text is the
back of the previous, toner works where
nothing else will, fate: far fast fall
final, the surface is scored, deadblog,
now we have forty-nine plus, give it a
lick, cherry homes, erase the date, ross
diamond, eye live matter, wait a sec
this is not toner, are we seeing or
failing to see, let us try to look,
these are not even words, fhfhf, saint
an, zzi, we want toner, all of the page
is usable, if one could read all of
these writing systems, being born
into language, pentameran, hey eye
recognize this, finding a place to
sign, invent a new language, hard
to tell the signs from the non-signs,
is this big book or small book, why
are you mentioning drugs, all i, ex-
parte, society in its infinite wisdom,
never let them get their hooks into
you, affidavit etymology, sever
paper, blank luscious blank, veg
table, psych, will you be attending
anything, ttk, kokuho jville, lose
track of now, twenty-four hours
of solid now, infinite big shit, black
deposit boxes, glyphotograph,
paratactically, the smell of
horseshit covers the prairie, serutan,
astrologocentric, condemmed as
either a health hazard, saint
ant, mihrab, minbar, zanj, f,
paronomasia, concrete character,
disciplinarization, favela, wage
emancipation, formal subsumption,
expectant and heated crowd,
all in clusters hurrying upward,

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