Saturday, January 14, 2012


homely refresher valuable gift,
missing nothing important, the art
gallery is part of the jail,
service fee, first you have to
get out there, the dee aitch,
scotch egg, salt stains, ass wipe
is a privilege not a right, tran,
lube the ham, hi-fi cereal,
pressing our hands, oblong tea,
tea is the sound of days going by,
refrain receipt, edition these,
dear quality, printing replicas,
do you got a card, this bit of
paper is a valuable gift, an
assiduous flyer, how to get
from the bar to your bed,
whose logo is this, profane
classics, one does not an edition
make, cobo, oon, a month that
went, calendar design, you and
your shit, ranting about it
for three days straight,
rafael tickets, document
acumen, and now the returns,
molecular ecology, these are
imaginary copies, honey girl,
home is anywhere i fall asleep,
turning nothing into one,
mystery snack, how thin a
poem can be, microart,

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