Monday, January 30, 2012


there are consequences to saying
love, my blue valentine, if you
had to choose between love and
fuck, which is more likely to
unfold, good old eap, hyperlabour,
your perfectionism is clashing
with my imperfectionism, tea
more tea already, smell the
jasmine tea paper, you didn’t
get nothing, ungezeifer, punk
bucks, alternative to money,
investment gambling, ctc,
krack, poetry is a waste of
effort, evicted from the affluent
society, truepenny, inguinal,
you’re a moron, no postage
necessary period, at least i
took it out of the bag, hulegu,
tatar, a stuck canuck, concrete
apron stings, i stole some of
these phrases from mm, hey ho
let’s go, eyes half vol, a huge
chance on exchange, mixolydian,
eyes half covered, is this crack
writing, environmental rapist,
nothing personal, what is with
these blurry fonts, the gap is
for writing in, build yourself
a mansion, house on the edge,
weatherbeaten letterpress,
certain standards, pense,

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