Monday, January 16, 2012

"the delight of telepresence"

a whole pile of stuff you
wouldn’t want, my appetite voice,
lmao poet, lmao tse tung, we
can’t seem to get past this, no
you had it but you couldn’t
give it to me, me litter, money
panic or panic money, your big
show is over, we don’t want any
encrypted data thank you,
a process where a thief erases
the ink, visfic, the phatic blow,
the prosopopeia of noise, le
tiers, quasi-object, horrorporn,
lost critical authority,
intractable material,
serotonergic, socio-cultural
clusters, hat was a cluster,
shockpo, whaikoorero, shorten
the stem of your pipe!,
siccative, ineluctable
modality, do you got any
bill bissett handy, guess
how to spell geuss, the delight
of telepresence, erase all
signatures, organization of
“pataphysical artists, this
bottlecap reminds me of you,
jupiler, is this beer or cheese,
maes, orval, topo sabores,
regal lager, trappistes,
brahma, eagle with keg,

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