Sunday, January 29, 2012


gwam, pulling out hairs, it all
depends how close you look at it,
if we are not going to press today,
faux perfection, emdash, write
it out twenty times, cyberjunk,
some days in february, things we
have not had the guts to say
yet, hot but not boiling, got he,
homofascist, save paper and
reduce garbage quit writing,
you’ve got until march, maybe
you better read the fine print,
so easy even a fool could play,
a whole store devoted to olives,
reuse your grocery lists,
learning to spell you, i don’t
remember these phone calls,
there’s plenty of information
but it’s all useless, nullpunkt,
yes is the new no, economics of
abundance, affluent society,
conventional wisdom, clarity
eloquence and humor, the wage-
price spiral, this i did not
forsee, communism to engage
with hong, gimme some paint,
gimme some writing, these are
just the trims, nothing needs
to be said, two people at an
art gallery, the words: i love
you must have come as a bit of
a shock, eight page leaflet,

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