Thursday, January 05, 2012

"dispositif matrix"

maggid, it’s called splittin’ the
stream, ajanan, analytic blobmatic,
the tilapia flower, kinkara,
multitask or die, laps but not lips,
snake rock or rock snake, favourite
font, detroit is midwest, the fine
art of the sweet nothing, cheese
gel, cheese cluster, natch,
dispositif matrix, becoming-other,
micropenis, hypospadiac, civil
status unavailability, intersex,
xenografts, overdeveloped clitoris,
earstone, the universe in a
nutshell, being on the top of a
cliff, whatever happens to be on
the collective mind, at a certain
point nothing can be said, coal
cloak, the connection is calgary,
before you made the least
effort to enter the picture,
timecrevasse, beginning paper,
memewarfare, me me me, twenty-
eighty-four, greyly reproduced,
you have to examine every page,
everything you never wanted to
know, a moment of interest, a
lifetime of interest, who will
teach non-teaching, didn’t you
use this book in one of your
books, why don’t you read
this to your kids, you’ve
written a whole book,

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