Thursday, January 26, 2012

"ou mallon"

interpellation is when somebody pops open the chat window,
well it’s too late to stop this from being a text now,
nothing is ever dead ever dead, love at a distance, somebody’s
been hammering away, we already ground thru this crap numerous
times, art wrecks lives, why can’t you let text go, swim into
the toner, lickety-split post, keep grinding until there is
nothing left, it all goes back to whence it came, vajra with
a capital vee, yes it did get displayed, i think this capital
bee-like thing is an sh, you need to update your address on
every addnpass you ever added to, maybe chaos is the meaning,
dado, if the razor fits..., twenty-eight twenty-eight, sed fits
or fits sed, hospitality hero, the date is out by a day, colour
in the letters, push the text, use your circle see ranch brand,
la grange, production of productions, the pixels are the message,
i don’t feel dead, ou mallon means, fear at a distance, tenebris
arjva, stop thinking about it and do something, cram text in hole,
still grinding, lsd toy, sloth destroys more lives than, stupid
egg, a one that never got shown yet, memer, info kerplunk,
leapfrog plop, black toner and white paper, black toner and
white paper, keep gazing and you will see, fike op, canada uber
alles, you can tell it’s not real because it has no folds, blodge,
so salty tammy, this afternoon we write, visual sensitivity
information, the skin is full of damp moss, energy harvested
from crops of human, desert of the real, the historic continuity
of culture expressed, dashtard, haux-ex-aught-i’-caw, cyber-
feminism, situated poetics, material poetics,

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