Wednesday, January 18, 2012


underground poets emergency aid
society, there’s only two kinds of
poets, hot cap, open to various,
busta fluxus, nofi, rear, a
question about stickers,
permanent answer, all connotations
of the word all, lick that speck,
we read but we did not write,
homoiothermal, keep me warm,
those who commodify and those
who do not, cybernetic reproduction,
how do you embed fonts, cheat,
microrelationships, wheat penny,
i am offering a piece of me,
ultrathink, what phase of the
timewave are we on, the spoons
spooned, an indication of grace,
cabrima cardinal, tatrl, how
to break the text habit, think
before you drink, the facebook
mailartists, maybe you need an
eye patch, reproduce any image
you like, it’s hard to tell
what the artist is up to, there
seems to be some sort of text
on the reptile, a thin layer has
been stripped off the paper,
vigorously licking envelopes,
up on the wall for all to read,
a genuine ray of light,
she’s dreaming, e means and,

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