Monday, January 02, 2012

"chevalet dales"

too much message, a partial,
think yourself free, unless we
get taken into custody, don’t
ask me to count the pages, the
art almost appears to be part
of the business, zark, type a
letter on the back of a sheet
of one cent stamps, get some
decent desk-top publishing software,
once life has attained the
condition of life it never lets
go, my tongue is killing me,
they are flying nothing, steel
yourself or steal yourself,
all your money just evaporated,
the holes are punched for a
reason, igigigigig, elegant junk
mail, lysis, high red centre,
chevalet dales, the gradual
elimination of fine arts,
change machine dispensing
penny for dime, a comic book
comes as a breath of fresh air,
gateway to freedom, still
purveying the same shit you
were purveying ten years ago,
you can’t veer away from one
thing without veering towards
another, your face is cracked,
your needs are simple, there’s
no way in the world you can
suddenly become, flag footnote,

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