Tuesday, January 31, 2012


cumshots of distinction, faces
we wish would go away, voodoo
university, there’s not really a
lot of fragments, recycled
grocery lists, against use,
against beauty, chat performance,
real facework, my local fish
went belly up, deep in the heart
of the ropey-dope, marshmallow
fries, marginal product, pro tanto,
a rolling readjustment, growth
recession, talltrees, erethism,
neodiabolism, theophanic,
splattering ink all over the place,
plunderpublishing, got your
randomness-shield up, the text
is a completely different
thing in this font, hurrah for
the blank, some days in
february, read can’t you read,
orginal error, banal bomb, five
hundred year rat house, brain
trust, fuck survival, not to
mention the crack, what were
the photographs of, highway is
the name of the horse, sacred
milk, nothing is going to pan
out, just put a little red
dot on it, she lives on pain
avenue, ning – do do da da,

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