Sunday, January 22, 2012


i meant to google this, i have
not seen the commercials,
special tissue, what’s the stain,
nice is not the effect i am
looking for, naropoia, green
bidet, hmmm care to elaborate?,
the snailmail moment is over, irl,
it means: present yourselves,
squeeze a poem in, turning blank
into art, don’t get a swelled
heart, impossible symmetry,
the molecules composing the dog-
shit versus the molecules
composing the gold brick, rien
chaos, hunting explains certain,
you recognize the poets name
but you’ve never seen any of
the poetry, oops! looks like we
lost a star, apple clap, one
colour versus another, neuro-
techniques, dict cid, mount
roraima, at least it got here
in one piece, quartête-à-têters,
khâgne, mutod, it’s not bad
text, if you’re into text, why
bother with paper, again?,
the printer is crying wolf,
save a little blank for the
future, pounding the
pavement into smithereens,
one will always remember,

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