Friday, January 20, 2012

"reverse referential mania"

paper full of money, it’s called
metalove, good old salt cedar,
the author of the interpreter of
desires, from hat to hut, good
karma from war, begrudges
sending karma, reverse
referential mania: when you
think nothing refers to you,
the sound of a shopping cart
full of bottles going by,
vlasic, a day or two of severe
headache and you’re free,
penny pitching, hypokhâgne,
traumen and worterbuch
specialist, banku and jollof,
blister window, elaborate
lite-brite, i think i will buy
some art, green ink, layername,
pub is short for, freedom for
my brother, oop! missing a dot,
teb, a dab’s a dab, glack,
extra’s nice, i love you you
crazy motherfuckers,
transmissions clustered,
your book marked down to a
dollar, why bet, the crow
swallowed the key, where
drinking is a religion,
doublebook, your angle,

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