Tuesday, January 03, 2012


digital mud, i did a little
handwriting analysis and…
bad news, methoprene, a click is
not a penny, i don’t feel thrown,
rock point crystal, paper everything,
concretize tuesday, social
software, active individualism,
the end of geography, utopian
horizon, radical inclusivity,
rangoon, blue is the problem,
cheese binge, insignificances
have a way of becoming significant,
destin of the base, mermaid ho,
communication anxiety, keep
smiling – it is way big medicine,
ananias, four pennies american,
linguescape, the author of
nothing, and assumes the role
of nothing, unjuxtaposable,
ekphrastic aesthetics, moss at
the base of dwarf cypress,
snail bait, moyl, vagisil,
reichian macromusic, crows
crack mussels on the concrete,
cultural front, urban subjects,
twenty yards of linen are worth
two pounds, the social brain,
cost of reproduction: zero,
tacit knowledge, atomistic
maximizers, gold in the
workers’ heads, book maggot,
ajanan, detroit is mideast,

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