Monday, January 09, 2012


pixel lexicon, there was nothing
to it in the first place, no matter
if you step away, saccades,
language bursting out, withered
leg, effleurage, are these things
constructed in the real world or
only, the real life thing is much
mo’ bettah, the penny that broke
the bank, is this a bellybutton,
walk back across the room,
the state owns your brain,
out-of-pocket productions
incorporated, we want bigger
files, a cascade of faces,
nothing without the title,
fine art print: fifty-nine
cents, nothing without the
information, we had to select
one, variations in the texture,
the eye knows no nationhood,
spell your own name right,
a screaming comes across the
sky, hir, lotta poetica
continua, crumpled metal
art, retoma el plegado, basta
de caza ilegal, asemia agogo,
you can adjust the resolution
by using optimum viewing
distance, derive nothing,
roch up, and the message is,

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