Wednesday, January 04, 2012


they are flying pianos, media nomad,
malbec, four twenty-seven hemi,
poetry is poison, life has no desire
to die, start with yourself, maybe
go to a smaller staple, whack
with gavel, concrete functionalism,
ben wasn’t home, fluxus product,
merzification, parareligious,
pro tem, litterpress, detroit is
midwestern, the cass corridor,
cheese film, genetic architectures,
g as in georgia p as in peach,
type on odour, grab another can,
cut back consumption, sore
tongue, feel the pinche, even
helped me carry, rebozo, fresno,
the ditto machine, the concept of
concrete art, a smile machine,
but you never even removed the
shrink wrap, fopderol, think of
this piece of paper as an object,
i will only communicate for
money, uta, handflow, devise
this phrase, mary scorer, ruskin
dam, not published, indicate
the ocean, extremely rare book
and we have two of them, an
art newspaper, aukso, you need
to have the price of the thing
higher than the production
costs, too many pages and you
start to have trouble with
the stapler,

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