Thursday, January 12, 2012


telephilia, an instance of the
poem, cloth on toner, an easy
tab to rip the art, park a tiger,
emetophobia, vomit on the scanner,
drive the white bus, enjoy
yourself in reverse, some way
to get at that money, head
under water, we laugh at money,
money from underground,
mermaid ho, kolkata, youtubbies,
the klezmer mongrels cover,
milk cream poetry, la sa, the
history of immateriality,
mysophilia, parasympathetic,
where’s the foot, the cardboard
junco symbol, at phog, miracle
pennies, kirlian photographs,
french horn spittle, quiet in
their mossy deserts, the van
vogt method, the gombeen
man, pinch penny, granite
genitals, ideological
analysis, eutectic, popping
open the window, fakebook,
i click on your face,

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