Sunday, January 15, 2012


pounding the pavement into
submission, right shoulders,
in-copyright written works,
cocaigne hellmann eer, the
pronunciation of patina, seven
billion not six, explorer copy
history, zoris, bb gun art, think
of another way to say eye lamp
sand cluster, meat guilt, tove,
gainful is the operative,
conceivably squeezable, i love
blank paper, that’s the guy,
bright heart, eat the mushroom
and see, conscious of the
enveloping heat, cluster of
embers, smoring, sfumato,
irrecusable, sez apples,
companion hairdresser or
editor, a palace of salutary
heuristics, hand coloured
paperclip, do you ever get the
funny feeling you’ve been
sold up the river, your
former spouse, seventy dollars
and eighty-seven cents, trance
to pay, jcqb, they got ya
coming and going, remove
ross’ name, some men, some people
will rob you with a fountain
pen, gussy,

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