Thursday, January 19, 2012

"florian kramer"

machine of effects, word strike,
trance duction, mailman trudging
along, smudging ceremonies,
florian kramer, sentencing
circles, tree man, hot rubber,
adding a poem to it changes
nothing, at least we are free to
communicate, the word all has
a secret significance, iatse,
all of my art has been trench art,
care for a game of ping pong,
time we didn’t write, the network
will not save you, eap, this is
nice paper, a poet rip, but these
are all different, pick apart art,
poet rip job, in memoriam to
poetry, thank goodness for
sameness, using a rather chaotic
process, a valentine puzzle,
you never know for sure how
much people have done for you,
yes! now stop asking!, ain’t got
no teevee so, what are you doing
for your community, unless i’m
mistaken that’s the former
prime minister, this looks good
what you’re doin’ eh?, nahpase,
addnpass valentine, help
that other, bludgeon zero,
people are proud of their dirty,

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