Monday, January 23, 2012


add a lemon, gob of gooey,
could not open socket, gold on
gold action, jasmine paper,
frag forward, tyme, honeybreathers,
cozy accomplished, cybermeditation,
gazing into the new blank, nasubi,
cryptomicrobiologists, fremmed,
clubfoot hosannas exfoliate,
kyuri, pecker waters, lebroc,
the printer keeps screaming for
ink, being in something, in search
of flows of honey, honeygirl,
tulip poplar, mallaluca,
titi, skeps, bee space, fused
honey-bears, soreltine,
femaleman copyright, superweeds,
medflies, the research pipeline,
keggle, suicide seeds, medaka,
spider-goats, you get your
canvas from the dollar
store, favourite eyeful
of colour, scorched earth
policy, spray paint it silver,
real vandercook, i know who
this guy is, all the gang that
was the gang still is the
gang, if you want a piece
of the pie you have to
contribute a piece of the
pie, this phrase is suitable
for any occasion, old pics,

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