Sunday, January 08, 2012


the production of texts must cease,
nothing is for sale, an art question
mark, two ways of looking at love,
hinayana, fluxus dust, concrete
functionalism, ben wasn’t home,
fluxus product, three years ago
you wanted it so bad, coughing
up money for books, jayhawk,
a brain pb, flip the switch,
fibromyalgia and beeswax,
johnsonville sausa, meat pride,
demand higher resolution, dust-
jacket with the sole word: dust-
jacket, a world made out of
cardboard, beauty comes as a
bit of a surprise, fairly fine,
amphibole, using a large envelope
for a cover, painted with real
soot, computer print so fine
there are no pixels, hard to
tell if it’s designed or found,
listen to the turnips, poems
being spoke, all the funny
little thots passing thru your
head, double baggage, splash of
colour where you least expect
it, the silk screen can give you
a bit of pseudo-staircasing,
beebread, couple hundred
seeds, make the okay sign
with a seed between thumb
and forefinger, no song for
kiddies, impressive production,

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