Wednesday, January 25, 2012


this paper is garbage, the hand
of the person who wrote the text,
insert symbol delta, you fucking
zen no-mind, wine of a woman,
you can call it a haiku if you
want, what the hell are you
writing with, sure it looks good
but what the hell does it mean,
everybody likes the idea of it
but the actuality pales in
comparison, pastel vispo, out of
sixty-four pages: one relevant one,
we almost knew you, what
would rain do, a zine called
counternode, a leven, a pink so
bright, are you being manipulated
by your printer, five hundred
sheets in a ream, the papernews,
flucking, golden girls, keep
forgetting to google all this,
look who’s stalking, do a
little postal math, outstanding
remarkables, what do you need
to print, each one is a tiny i
ching hexagram, moo cards, how’s
your anus, there’s some kind of
text underneath the text,
there’s problems with haetten-
schweiler, pre and post ink
cartridge replacement, theory
of duplication, blank theory,

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