Tuesday, January 24, 2012


cyberotic, take a ping, i made this
chunk for you, you might have this
but you don’t have all this,
blank except for the lines, let
us compare hands, meurtrissures,
letteral profile, we never went but
we went, her scat tastes like
cinnamon, write yourself blind,
i’ll spare you the meat, make
a trek to see the old wise one,
waiting at sunnyside station
for you, it’s sick but i like it,
corn and hijack the export,
bodily rearrangement, alarp,
as low as reasonably practicable,
nothing is decomposing, what are
you up to now, a philosophy of
being blank, small indentations
indicate, snice, it looks like
there might be another name there,
zoundpo, read the whole book
without knowing who the author
was, android christ, fur gas,
the lead foreign language text,
another collaborator, arbitrarily
folded and stapled, it’s
funny how your mind works,
real paint is nice, from the
tip to the tail, mailart
never forgets, chunk lock,

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