Tuesday, January 10, 2012

"language-like structures"

always already dead, the image
you do not understand, happiness
is warm gum, just say no to art,
you’ve got a cover problem, three
million seven hundred and
nineteen thousand two hundred
and forty-two, you can’t judge
a person by their politics, do
we need to bespeak the already
be spoken, it says anonymous but,
just the title, reinvent publish,
three word poems, a cluster of gas,
fake it in there, you’re going to
take credit for that, a cover that
has actually had to work, drink
up text, mimeo roar, narrative
failure, you have to break the
spine to see it, precious presious,
vaughn-jones, it’s the publisher
that is of interest, let’s get
this author to come and read
in this tiny town, we enjoy
language-like structures, paper
trail press, two presses with the
same name, light blue ink on dark
blue stock, there’s a blank that’s
never been filled, post script
osiris, hit the flaps, hinting at
much more dot, slick wrapper
mimeo guts, tot, you thot you
felt but, yes chakra, classic
canadian counter culture,

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