Wednesday, January 11, 2012


ou mallon, time will go by, hock
rock, watching someone walk across
glass from below, the art of
breathing, boded well, mere
colour, cyberdoodle, reading the
puzzle piece by piece, i don’t
feel bent, kit-ahwah-ke-ni,
a nice drawing of a vagina,
inoculated against the innocuous,
eight hundred and one little
bits of paper, fake sushi, la
fée, mimeo gears, the envelope
is nothing, robot smelling
flower, no need to read the
list, axe and you shall receive,
tip to, underwater-inspired,
toner gazing, alien labour,
kundalini yoga, the only word
is the name of the artist, where
do you think all the little
images come from, microcosmic
eye, macerated print, oming,
nurse with question, the fire
in the hole, eleven hundred
years, the pieces must be
somewhere, obergeschoss, no cut
and paste, rezer ectcetera,
dig back twenty-five years,
unterschrift, igwt, exon, bug
eyes in the mousetrap, crabe,

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