Friday, January 06, 2012


everything is not an omen, arta
ozola, gone is gone, the reader
is well ahead of the writer,
just put a chech, it was a long
haul but, edition of two, one
cent discount, the publication
needs time to cook, highlight
your failures, the biography
is not the life, the generous
consumer, kaks, xenographia,
technobiopower, thot the trademark
symbol was a footnote, what
are you going to do with all
your writing, blank snake,
cheaper than the bus, time is
wealth, normal starts to have
its attractions, mona lisa in
the woods, we’ve got plenty of
copies: nobody wants them,
riding the rails right into
the drink, text begins with:
oi, if it’s not run by artists
then, buy an actual barrel
of oil, used book with new
barcode, book as advertising
or propaganda device, three
hundred and ten pages of the
word: the, what’s with the
green pages, a light-line
phonography for the million,
eight dollar item, disgusting
little blister, a bed of paper,

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