Saturday, January 21, 2012

"fluxus nomad"

pub!, twenty-five bucks worth of
pleasure, devastate to liberate,
it could never be except for the
fact that it is, dear beloved,
dancesport, always leave a little
blank, netlives, every girl that
walks by, error pulling feed,
give you less and charge you
more, can’t you see you are
bleeding to death, boom! right
thru the heart, cabrima
cardinal, the stump of van gogh’s
ear, blank milk, be yourself in
the present moment without
sticking to an old self!, things
would look a lot different if
you were blind, dimedia,
bludgeoning blodgett, the
current poet laureate, i’m
proud of my ugly old face,
behind the scenes art, why is
disgust so appealing, who picked
these fonts, yesilpinar, fluxus
nomad, paper performance,
joe buys, hey there’s blood on
this paper, let the art go into
the flux, distribute your
blood, memorandium, paint
meant to represent, a wheel
and a stool, self-proclaimed
artist, da collaudare,

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