Tuesday, January 17, 2012


the night of the bat, telepresence,
being together at a distance,
stifado, seize the moment,
eliminate another night, you need
to recharge your ink, from may
pen to windsor, storing for a
day, the half blank, the loupe
guru, karma-cola, sonoric
cluster, mnematic, textacy,
the interrogation technique
known as the donkey, szczecin,
bhuvaneshwari, lokas, mala,
mahashamshana, coffee genius,
toner works where nothing does,
coffee cluster, the molecules in
the dung versus the molecules
in the gold, no gotea durante
los vuelos, uni-ball, monthur,
i thot we killed that project,
how are you going to pay the
next one, oh that big dust
bunny just landed in my
coffee, embiggened, kali yuga,
a visit to the lighthouse,
leaving the flux, goatfest,
lessons on being alive, not
being an aboriginal myself,
something has been hacking
away at the paper, this is
mere repetition, papermania,

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