Saturday, January 07, 2012

"dana prajna paramita"

lagrangian point one, astragalus
propinquus, alludic, fecal bogs,
hard copyin an edition, isocheimed,
can equal happiness, characterized
by bounteous giving, the distance
between you and me, degentrify,
the ongoing collapse, the alphabet
clause, clustered love, albas,
dana prajna paramita, sila, virya,
kshanti, dhyana, to give a penny
or a piece of leaf, shikan taza,
ashamed of your meat, books
are going out of fashion, on the
deadeye, mailart jetset, tea
and cookies, a penny for a girl,
turning two into one, traces of
brazilian toner, it took you more
than ten years to cut the tag
off, the moon’s so bright, the
sign of the human, call it a
copy and have done, let the whole
thing flip, picking up a bit of
toner action here, even upside-
down you can still see it’s a
seahorse, hard to tell which
witch is which, hand light, a
skiff of textual, why would you
want to discourage library
patronage, there’s no such thing
as frullania, there’s no such
thing as all this crap, people
as money, fake pie, colour i,

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