Monday, June 25, 2012

"panty christ" & "mcblow"

your writing can’t be found,
kokolorum, pen control, concrete
zen zen zen concrete, foist text,
you do not recognize your own hand-
iwork, megaprogram, moment of
first use, the day you started
to make, by means, no poetry today,
photocopier with lid open running
in darkened room, mo’, zackly,
firch, imp cores, the copy loses,
frifth, panty christ, fragments
of the city conglomerated, now
we are jumping to the mike,
the point is that, neologo,

slough of despond, my daily uhs,
then a zen, confuse matters
further, help yourself to a
letter, tator, drunken literature,
ten year old teethmarks, aok,
bangbelly, kotter, why is this
being scrath, wrying, poem me,
stard, unlike, mcblow, beaver
club, psychomakia, any idiot
can blacken a piece of paper,
indicate hole, the pine box,
thinking in two separate areas
of the brain, missuz henry,

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