Tuesday, June 12, 2012

"buffo" & "laressa rud"

eighty-ninth ave, a yellow circle
with nothing in it, rikia novotny,
human ecology, experimental
psychiatry, postmodern pathology,
brackode, how do you see yourself
as member of a network, aren’t
you a little old to be, indicate
location of consumption, buffo,
pale blue time, the message of
this text is: we exist, sweet
little highland lassie, poetry
off the page, the name bentley
will always make me think of,
the tickets are gone, bergamot,

on pulling tog, diploma in mailart,
they got pushed down the street,
the future holds water, une
caravane arabe, amoindrissaient,
the angels of george braque, let
the rats in, free flow dance,
money to die with, error at the
core, half moon facing downward,
wheezie what wheezie, sort of a
club shaped arrow, greek everyone,
chamois plaid, seb, laressa rud,
it’s called bleeding out, date
random, you are in the library,

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