Wednesday, June 06, 2012

"kakabeka" & "pridele"

midwest is east of central, abee,
josemite, the moment we were on
the map, lamoille, galwey, better
off going backwards, amherstburg,
wanatah, hailey, tobermory,
pretty penny, succession,
kakabeka, neepawa, ua th,
great basin, main frame, the
hotel we broke the bed, free-
roaming, antelope island,
golden spike, frary, goat lick,
bright angel, great basin,
zion, funky fold, keystone,

the gee cee, to arco, an ouzel, you
can only come in for a day,
camping cash, watchperson, you
her, there’s a million things to do
and you’re just sitting there,
you the, shuttle to reduce the
impact, wawona, yesterday’s
home is tomorrow’s, meanwhile
you just sat on your ass,
pridele, labor omnia vincit,
nestor falls, valid this day
only, a flood of oil, what
is all this scribbled area,

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