Wednesday, June 27, 2012

"sweet foist" & "bacteriolysis"

i wasn’t sure if you wanted me
to copy this, nothing can’t be said,
send me some noise, cyberhistory,
probably just a computer program
created this, sweet foist, you
became part of me, spend pence,
wonder if anything ever got
done with this text, well no
poetry has nothing to do with
linebreaks, foist joy, paper
eclipse, we should have stuck
with the eight-and-a-half by
eleven format, send ‘em in flat,

the single word text,
bacteriolysis, this is not the
first piece of art that ever
got salvaged, well at least
i managed to spell your
name right, is this what you
call a half-tone master,
sorry about the fluch, not
much call for originals,
you blotted out yourself,
salvage that text ouf,
assman’s funeral home,
absorb word clusters,

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