Thursday, June 14, 2012

"chandu" & "laserdruckern"

changes holding energy, chandu,
entering the subliminal, the
lineaments of gratified
desire, infrared oven, handle
emotional crisis, strong moments,
paste and post, elliptic catalytic
hid, the orange morning, nardwuard,
my portion of big mind has
a headache this morning, if
you always get these two
confused then, connect faster,
a google system for actual
objects, eye lamp silicon,

the letter g keeps popping up,
finds himself on the street with
all his historical documents,
dust off each letter, no why
not, public boolean email, what
is your logo, intimate artifacts,
refuse to do any christmas
shopping, laserdruckern, we had
a hard time keeping our place,
did you remember to do your
copying, even though you know,
your favourite joke, did you
happen to get your hands on
this, this should be a beer,

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