Sunday, June 10, 2012

"candyberg" & "ebora"

weat, utter clutter, turning
nothing into something, fuck and
run, emphasize this phrase, chunky
font, pussal, candyberg, half a
backslash, economics hi camp,
pleura, the word crytogam, easy
calm your haste, ainsoph, fleured,
interdada, hats and cosmetics,
civilization on earth our
histories, fomt, façon, los
cachivacheros, pinche, mudra-fuckah,
the bright ink is a trick, we only
read writers we are in love with,
cybertax, t is not the letter i
intended to write, sign here,

campbellville, ebora, blue beech,
hop hornbeam, web page maintenance,
wear a crazy tie, wear a tie at all,
tissue issn, crumpled blank
paper, five eight four zero, blank
bubble wrap, under all the
packing material: nothing, wax
paper kraft, crusty towel club,
j-shape, perhaps a card cut out,

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