Thursday, June 28, 2012

"bokeelia vick" & "dubm"

still in print ten years later,
old line, still swimming in the
same text, what is it about
this piece of paper, the joy of
being booed, not the same,
lawtey holopaw, bokeelia vick,
locomotive manometer, do we
at least have a copy of
binary, copy no original yes,
pleon, sororal polygyny, we
sent in your funny voice,
say it big, aklavik, indy
industry, vala,

piss straight, huffing acid,
cinerama, dubm, sit looking at
it for hours, we in the cult,
hit with hundreds of rubber-
stamp impressions, first we
blaze down the spirals,
holistical akashic monads,
running out of fear,
what do you got poking out
from inside you, spirals of
skulls, the ethical implications,
the button doesn’t do anything,
your collages are perfection,

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