Sunday, June 17, 2012

"chowji igi" & "xenix"

graph theory, chowji igi, look
to the north, i went skinny-dippin’
down at the bottom of the cliff,
saxi cola, leave me up on the
mountain with the grizzly bear,
kanada, got that lime disease,
still some loose ends from
nineteen-ninety-five, shankmail,
careful don’t break the elastic,
it’s not as if the school board is
going to disappear, perhaps the
most brilliant man i’ve ever been
in contact with, you just gotta
get your face right in it,
lifebuoy soap ad, reprint this,

ms-dos, xenix, autoexec, gw-basic,
supercalc, lotus one two three, paper
scarf, reepicheep, botanical detritus,
the word moose, gravity of light,
sexual trance, solid, hinges on an
apostrophe, rhig, career confusion,
down-and-out, no ears aloud, viral
recycling, you thot you might,
we are all moving along towards
our ultimate fate, voting for
stability or instability, green
blue belt, ten year old news-
print, if you are not in and of,
entry point to life, vera,

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