Saturday, June 02, 2012

"i'm hoping to fly one day said the maggot"

if you think too long and too hard about anything, mud on the
piano, the maggot is an omen, i'm hoping to fly one day said
the maggot, the rubberstamp is so repetetive, actually it was
the day before but close enuf, oh i see you want that pixelled
effect, nothing is an omen, the worms crawling thru the bokonon,
the digital divide, piano dropping, the message blocker, a band
called the other seekers, a particularly eastern view of geography,
loose strings, half of the texts got left behind, slug-like,
neovagina, led zeplica, diybio, open science, hopefully with
an environmental company, ginger sugar ginger, a serious case
of coffee tongue, the tripper-upper, rip charge, people catch
the double-u but get the city wrong, tigh ten your belt, stamp
off on this, ultravox, cave-tubing, imagescraping, mystic or
acidhead, worm grunting, worm fiddling, hideous effectively
conceals, the sound of the wooden top spinning against the quarters,
difference work, the social hand, the social fist, visual politics,
informal housing estates, citizens who were historically excluded,
how to grow food on a balcony or rooftop with just one square
meter of soil, secwepemc, rashtra, mughals, hindutva, emphasized
in colonial historiography, sepoys, the matter of the cartridge
greased with pork and beef fat, the sepoy mutiny, 1857,

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