Tuesday, June 19, 2012

"platismatia" & "tiny little bones"

meditation on blank paper, the orange
is gone but the green wrapper remains,
nine-and-a-half with tractor edges,
i love you means i want something
from you, meditate on construction,
green divider, pink divider, camp
no name, right pelt, platismatia,
clear understory, pixie cup,
looks fallen from above, arielle,
hypogymnia, isothecium
stoloniferum, this is not a bad
thing to do, two brains, this
stuff was moldy from the,

i can tell what this is, other-
worldly landscape miniature,
crust of lung, the right lore
or the right trick, at no name:
the bones of little demons, you
recognize the genus but, you
could write a whole book about
peat, umbilicaria, tiny little
bones, savouring the good life,
i don’t think i can look at

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